Rob Campbell

Photo: Fery Stylfoto

Rob Campbell

Name: Rob Campbell

Home Town: Hollis Queens

Age: 35

Sponsors: New Breed Skateboards , Ace Trucks, Savage Urethane , Rock Star Bearings , Am after midnight , Supreme 

Current Projects Outside of Skating: Just Been Working doing Screen Printing

Hobbies: Skateboarding , Snowboarding, Riding Bmx, Building Dirt Jumps

Favorite Skate Video: Zoo York Mix Tape

Favorite Skate Spot: My Hood in Jamaica Queens, The Brooklyn Banks, The Street of New York City, L.E.S. Skate Park

Rob Campbell

Front Side Hurricane at the Brooklyn Banks

Photo: By Maximillian

Rob Campbell

Front Side 5.0 in Jamaica Queens

Photo: by Jeff Comber

Rob Campbell

Ollie in Jamaica Queens

Photo: by Ryan Zimmerman

Rob Campbell

Front Side Wallride in Jamaica Queens


New Breed Skateboards